Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Leibster blog award

Hello! I was nominated by Penny Rae for a Leibster award and she had some questions to ask me..so without further ado, these are my answers :)

What this is all about

The Liebster Award is a "Pay It Forward" like format created to bring awareness to blogs that have less than 300 followers. I love helping my talented friends get more followers and with only a handful myself I have to thank Penny for nominating me!

 I was nominated by Penny Rae for a Leibster award and she had some questions to ask me..so without further ado, these are my answers :)

1-What is your favourite type of card to make?
I like making anything with lots of Layers .. 
2-What tool can you not live without?
my pokey tool...it is useful for lots of things!
3-Do you have your own craft room or space?
no..unfortunately I don't really have much space, I work from a corner of our living room using the dining table! I have however claimed the sideboard next to it and all my craft things are in and on it, much to my husbands disgust as it is often a complete tip ;)4-Do you only make cards or do you make other types of papercrafts?
I only make cards right now.. I have been papercrafting for almost a year now and still exploring everything. I'd like to start scrapbooking when I can find the time!

5-What has been your biggest crafting achievment?
my cards featured in papercrafting inspirations magazine march issue, i was pretty ecstatic!

6-What is your favorite craft store?
I have only ever been to one proper craft store so far so it would have to be Samuel Taylors in Leeds
7-What is your favorite color to craft with?
oooh only one? pink is my favourite colour so i would have to say that though I like working with lots of colours. the stamp I use usually 'tells' me what colours I should be using with it!

8-Where do you get your inspiration from?
the other people I work with on DTs and from nature
9-Do you work outside the home?
not really.. I'd like to do more but I suffer from Fibromyalgia and it floors me quite often, so I am usually found in my corner working or tucked up in bed colouring
10-What do you do if you lose your Mojo?
go and do something completely non craft related for a while to clear my head
11-Which is your favorite Digi Stamp?

I can't pick a favourite... through starting this adventure I have come across many stamp artists and love so many of them, as their work is all so different !

I would like to nominate :

and my questions are :
1) what is your favourite crafting technique?
2) how did you get introduced to papercrafting?
3) what is your favourite brand of papers?
4) CAS or layer up?
5)what is your favourite embellishment?
6) what would you pick if you could only craft using one thing for the rest of your life?
7) what is your go to style of crafting?
8)do you do any other sorts of craft or just papercrafting?
9) do you have a favourite Die /stencil that you find yourself using over and over?
10)like penny rae I'd love to know what inspires you
11) and finally .. if cost was no object whay would be the next crafty purchase you'd make?

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