Tuesday, 19 March 2019

One Sheet Wonder Cards- and a friend to the RESCUE!

or a tale of how Rachel failed... AMAZINGLY!

I have always liked to try new things, and I have known about the existence of one sheet wonder cards since I very first started creating cards. 

For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, 'one sheet wonder' cards are where you use one piece of decorative paper to make multiple cards- with no waste!

there are lots of tutorials out there, and lots of different results, so it makes it easy!

I highly suggest choosing a paper that is double sided, because then you have even more possibilities!

now... here's the FAIL part of my OSW creating....

I found an amazing tutorial, and really liked the look of how she divided the sheet of paper. The tutorial didn't go into card blank size, so even though the tutorial was in inches, I totally forgot that American Greetings cards are usually a different size to those in the uk! 

so I had all my paper cut, and when it got to assembling, there was a big UH OH! followed by a few expletives, as I realised even though I could solve the card blank issue by making my own (which is something I do regularly anyway), I wouldn't have any envelopes to fit them!

Luckily, one of my very best friends, and a fellow creative who lives in the USA came to the rescue, and posted me some envelopes so I could complete the set.

this is the reason that even though the cards were completed quite a while ago, and I'd shown you some sneak peeks over on my Facebook page, the finished project didn't appear!

thank you so much  Lina for saving the day! (if you want to check out her blog, she makes amazing quilts and is a fantastic colourist too!)

The tutorial I followed, by the way is THIS ONE that I found on BluPrint.

One Sheet Wonder cards Rachel Gillham Art www.bigcraftymess.blogspot.com
One Sheet Wonder cards are a fantastically easy way to make a lot of cards, quickly! 

One Sheet Wonder cards Rachel Gillham Art www.bigcraftymess.blogspot.com
This set was totally inspired by the Chunky Monkey Crafts 'sealed with a kiss' stamp set- Not only did I want to stamp the envelopes, but I wanted to think outside the box too- I used the stamps in the set on the front of four out of the 14 cards too - masking off the words I didn't need!

One Sheet Wonder cards Rachel Gillham Art www.bigcraftymess.blogspot.com
Here is the entire set- I used some layout ideas from the original tutorial, but also changed the designs and layouts a bit , to suit my own purposes. All the stamp sets used I will list below, and all images on the cards have been hand drawn, and painted with watercolours (with the exception of the second card on the second row, where I drew flowers directly onto the paper)
One Sheet Wonder cards Rachel Gillham Art www.bigcraftymess.blogspot.com
and here is the stamped envelopes to go with the cards! I used all but two of the stamps in the set to stamp on the envelope flaps. 


Chunky Monkey Crafts 'Sealed With A Kiss' stamp set (use code rachelcmc10 for 10% off your order)


staedtler triplus fineliner

Nuvo Dots in Dandelion Yellow

 and Carribean Ocean

Visible Image Stamp 'just be happy' from Tomorrow Doesn't Exist stamp set

Stamps from Some Odd Girl ' Everyday Smiles' clear stamp set (retired)

teal cardstock from Papermill direct

12x12 cardstock 

double sided DSP


Sizzix dies

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these cards, and will possibly give OSW cards a go yourself!

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