Friday, 3 July 2015

Zutter A4 page punching tutorial

Zutter bind it all A4 page punching tutorial

Hi there everyone! I bought a zutter bind it all earlier this year, unfortunately  bought it preloved, and it had no instructions with it, and it has taken me until now to work out how to punch an A4 page perfectly, so I thought I would share how I did it, in case anyone else was wondering how!

Step 1-

               mark template page half way down long side 

step 2-
line up with centre arrow on Zutter
step 3-
punch using Open setting

step 4-

put notch into 3rd hole from left, on continuous setting

step 5-

turn paper so reverse is facing you, and repeat step 4

step 6-

put notch into 5th hole from left. punch (continuous setting still)

step 7-
 turn paper to reverse and repeat step 6
voila, holes all the way up, with a cm gap at each end
this will use all but 2 rings from the Zutter wire strips.

I hope this tutorial has been of some use to someone, if it has please consider leaving me a comment, or even giving my blog a cheeky follow!

Rachel, AKA Crafty Little Creations


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